Five Segments Make a Whole

Working for yourself, freelancing, going solo whatever you call it, you’re setting up your own small business.

And that means that now you’re not only doing the work you’re also running the show. You need a whole range of different skills to bring work in, get paid, quote on jobs, comply with local laws and tax requirements, maintain your IT and IP and PD. It’s like playing music, or learning to dance. You need to get with the rhythm, sharpen your coordination, master new chords and be nimble. You need to be inventive as well as keep in time.

Dance Steps for the Self-Employed is a creative, colourful workshop that helps you design your work as part of your ideal lifestyle. We mix up information, discussion, stories and activities across the five essential elements of running your business working smarter, marketing, operations, bookkeeping and tax, and ongoing learning.

Exploring these elements, you will reflect on your own practice as you move into planning the different areas. You will set up your own dynamic small-business model whether it’s a move into freelance, a strategy to develop your existing practice or simply a lifestyle that supports you in making art.

Topics covered

  • working smarter
  • planning your business model & choosing a structure
  • branding your identity
  • setting up dynamic business, finance & marketing plans
  • establishing invoicing & bill-paying systems
  • generating work
  • handling tax & GST
  • budgeting for cash flow
  • optimising digital media
  • exploiting marketing opportunities
  • managing time, energy & funds
  • continuing professional development

Bespoke courses

Now, more than ever, people in the creative industries need entrepreneurial thinking and business skills to make a living wage whether it’s from their art, or from something aligned that will support it and enable it to flourish. We tailor courses to differing group needs such as writers, editors, artists, musicians.

For example, in two days we delve deeper into your business model, generating more work, and quoting and charging. In 2016 we ran a 12-hour course over a month and a one-hour webinar for writers, plus a one-day session for editors. In 2017 we ran a half-day session at the 8th National Editors Conference in Brisbane. In 2018 we adapted our format to an hour and a half as part of Writers on Wednesdays and ran a full-day editors’ workshop.


Our diverse set of mentees includes an artist, a psychologist/author, and a magazine editor. Contact me here for a chat or a meeting to see how we might work together.

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